Filling lines for carbonated liquids

Beer, carbonated cider, sparkling wines, spumante.

Beer, carbonated cider, sparkling wines, spumante.

Container: Glass

Technology: mechanical isobaric

Speed: from 1,500 to 3,000 bph

Automatic unit designed for the beer bottling of microbreweries, composed of three stations that work on a single stainless steel base:

  • Rinsing
  • Isobaric filling
  • Capping with crown caps

Designed to satisfy the needs of small producers, this unit can reach a production rate of up to 3000 bottles (33 cl) per hour. The “MONOBLOCK” solution guarantees perfect synchrony of the rotational movement and the elimination of any friction thanks to the centralised motorisation. It also helps to prevent bottle deposits and poor use of space.

The gaskets, which comply with regulations regarding the treatment of food-grade products, are selected to resist against the aggression of disinfecting agents such as peracetic acid, caustic soda and chlorine, and to resist against steam up to a temperature of 130°C. The three stations can be adjusted in height either manually or electronically (on request). The filling machine can be equipped with pre-evacuation and foamer to prevent the absorption of oxygen.

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