Filling line for still liquids

Oil, vinegar, sauces and in general all liquids without electrical conductivity.

Oil, vinegar, sauces and in general all liquids without electrical conductivity.

Container: PET and Glass

Technology: electronic with mass flow meters

Speed: from 1,000 to 24,000 bph

The pride and joy of the Ferrari Filling technical and electronics department is this new “electronic” filling machine, whose main characteristic is the electronic filling system with flow meters, able to guarantee the right amount of filling liquid with utmost precision. The remarkable ease of cleaning, sanitisation and sterilisation mean it is also suitable for more delicate liquids such as milk and its derivatives.

The machine is equipped with flow meters that are controlled by dedicated software, which measures the amount of liquid with utmost precision (± 0.15% per litre).

Container filling occurs by simply feeding the liquid from the central storage tank through the dedicated pipes to the flow meter and filling valve; the requested volume can be set from the control panel and the system automatically controls the opening and closure of the aseptic valve. The machine is preconfigured to be connected to the sanitisation treatment (CIP / SIP). The entire circuit can be completely sanitised and allows the filling of very “delicate” liquids. The dispenser has been studied and designed to allow complete sanitisation of all its parts and to avoid dripping. The filling device is the “No bottle – No filling” type. The electronic control of filling can be regulated even while the machine is running.

Video Infinity Massic flow meter

Motor Oil – Canister 1 lt – 15.000 cph
Electronic (Piston Filler) – Texaco (Columbia)

Motor Oil – Drum 200 lt – 500 cph
Electronic (weight) – Vial Oil (Russia)

Motor Oil – Canister 1-5 lt – 3.000 cph
Electronic (Volumetric) – Vial Oil (Russia)

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