Ferrari Filling, backed by more than thirty years’ experience in the bottling sector, offers a single point of reference for complete bottle and can filling lines in the beverage sector.

Ferrari Filling, backed by more than thirty years’ experience in the bottling sector, offers a single point of reference for complete bottle and can filling lines in the beverage sector.

Its technical department, composed of experts with many years of experience, is able to satisfy all client requests regarding the need for complete and turnkey lines, adapting systems to suit the specific needs of the end client in terms of both space and the filling product, container and packaging.

The turnkey solutions proposed by Ferrari Filling include machinery of Italian and European origin and, depending on the product, are complete with systems for the stretch-blow molding of PET bottles, the extrusion of HDPE bottles or the depalletisation of plastic bottles. glass and cans, for feeding containers to the filling line; the decoration of bottles or cans using different types of labels or sleevers, including guarantee seals and their grouping in secondary packaging such as American cartons, wrap-arounds or bundles with shrink film, up to the final packaging and palletising, for prepare the product for shipment from the production site to distributors.

In addition to the machines necessary to feed the container, fill it, “dress” it and package it, there are also all the systems for water treatment, the preparation of soft drinks and fruit juices and the machinery necessary for the filling product process, so that these are always safe and of excellent quality, such as premixes, saturators, pasteurizers, etc.

Whatever your product or your needs, you will find in Ferrari Filling a team of experts always ready to listen to your requests, to guide you, advise you and best satisfy your needs.


Formazionebottiglie PET

The blow molders consist of:

  • preform reordering module;
  • preform heating module;
  • stretch blow molding module for bottle formation.

The format change and mold replacement are very simple and extremely fast. The electrical panel and electrical installations provide the lowest absorbed power. The machines are equipped with an automatic preform feeding hopper. For each different bottle shape, a mold (or a series of molds) is supplied, made with high precision machine tools.


Process Technologies

Automation has reached its peak with control rooms where the entire process unfolds. Moreover, for the mineral water sector, Ferrari Filling has developed significant know-how in water treatment plants, employing the most advanced technologies from ozone to ultrafiltration.



They are excellent quality products thanks to the application of innovative technologies.
They guarantee a minimization of installation and start-up costs, complete control and automation of the process, minimization of operator interventions and a rapid product change system.


Filling Systems

Ferrari Filling produces bottling and filling machines and lines for still liquids, carbonated liquids, dense liquids, cans, milk and juices, food & beverage. Find the filling system most suited to your company’s needs.


Automation Conveyors

The conveyor systems are characterised by modularity and represent a solution to a number of operating issues, focusing in particular on ensuring the continuity of supply and evacuation of the operating machines. Automation is the most important stage of a production cycle insofar as it ensures the optimal connection of the various production stages, thus optimising performance.

Ferrari Filling are experts in making best use of the spaces available to the client for the installation of bottling, packaging and processing lines.

This service is fulfilled by identifying the client’s technical, logistical and economic requirements, which is the starting data for an accurate engineering study.


Etichettatrici eSleever

Ferrari Filling has also entered the Sleever sector with a range of machines that apply the safety seal and both the body and total shrink sleeve. The packaging, and in particular the design of bottles is today of essential importance for the ever-increasing demands of corporate marketing. For this reason, Ferrari Filling developed a subsidiary company dedicated exclusively to the construction of Labelling machines.

The models built cover the entire world of container labeling:

  • Glue on Paper Labellers: Linear, Rotary with Centering.
  • Labeling machines Wrapping paper Hot melt glue.
  • Linear and Rotary OPP Roll Fed Labeling Machines from reel.


Fine linea e paletizzazione

Ferrari FIlling contributes to packaging technology through the study of solutions that include insertion into the packaging machines and turnkey installations. The packaging machines are connected through transfer, sorting and alignment devices, thus achieving the “Interactive-Floating” characteristics of the system.

Large enough to compete internationally and small enough to respond promptly to customer needs. Ferrari Filling packaging TEAM bases its business on a commercial philosophy aimed at creating and maintaining a flexible and light structure. A dense network of strategic presences everywhere in the world. With optimal packaging technologies for experience and professionalism.

Ferrari Filling is involved in packaging technology with the study of solutions that involve the insertion of packaging machines and turnkey creations in the systems.